Who we are

Who We Are

Fulcrum has served local and international customers since 1998.

Fulcrum jewellery fulfills the needs of a niche in the gold industry in Turkey and its counterparts abroad by trading gold on a spot and forward basis in the form of physical allocated gold bars, other gold products or unallocated gold ounces.

Fulcrum is a member of Borsa Istanbul with membership of the Precious Metals Market and the Precious Stones Market. This facilitates the trading of various products on the Exchange, subject to its laws and regulations.

Our main business is sourcing, supplying and trading precious metals products. We develop our trading activities with strategic assets providing valuable insights into market places where we operate and enabling us to optimize the supply chain. It develops and maintains long-term relationships and offers a wide range of services in those markets.

Our strategic location in Istanbul gives us a geographical advantage and helps us in having a wider global footprint.